Pastoral care

Institut Saint-Dominique

ISD est un établissement catholique depuis sa fondation en 1961 par la Congrégation Romaine de Saint-Dominique et dans les valeurs qu’il incarne.

Depuis avril 2021, l’ISD a rejoint le groupe éducatif français Odyssey, spécialisé dans l’enseignement scolaire international. Odyssey s’est engagé à protéger l’identité catholique de l’ISD en s’appuyant sur les valeurs dominicaines qui ont forgé la philosophie éducative de cet établissement depuis sa création.

Programme Pastorale

The Institut International Saint-Dominique of Rome is a school offering open education to all with respect for the beliefs of others.
Founded by the Roman Congregation of Saint Dominic, its educational programme is marked by human, intellectual and spiritual values characteristic of catholic education and stemming from Dominican charism.

The ISD is currently an international French sixth form school belonging to the Odyssey network. Interpersonal relationships in the school are based on kindness and fairness and focus on building a climate of fraternity. This attitude towards each other is as fundamental as the duty of study and works of intelligence.

It is based on this continuously and cooperatively developed responsibility that we strive for excellence, in view of the harmonious growth of each individual in all his/her dimensions.

Adults support the efforts of students in all circumstances and help them to develop a moral and spiritual conscience, through specific time periods dedicated to human and spiritual awakening and religious culture. Young people are thus given a source of unity and the tools to guide their lives.

Charity projects are encouraged with the aim of allowing all educational community members to get involved, together supporting a programme that helps the most vulnerable groups and contributing to build a world where each person is recognised in their dignity and for their own value.

True to the intuition of its founders and responsive to today’s educational challenges, the Institut Saint-Dominique of Rome is an educational establishment upholding the values that inspired the Dominican Order: Truth, Mercy, Freedom and Joy, finding their source in God.

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