Welcome to the Saint-Dominique Institute. A school of the international Odyssey group and for more than 10 years a partner school of the network of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE). Our establishment offered excellent and multilingual education (French, Italian, English) from Pre-kindergarten to High school. Our unique 6-hectare campus allows ISD to accommodate a growing number of students and to implement advanced teaching and learning methods. The ISD benefits from large spaces for extracurricular activities while being well served with 5 bus lines. Comfort, serenity and natural environment are perfectly combined here because we take care of your well-being and that of your children.


50% reduction on 1st registration fees* (international environment, security, qualified multilingual staff, activities allowing the personal, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development of the child, internal canteen...). *offer valid until 14/03/2022


At ISD, children evolve in three languages ​​from preschool and enter elementary school from the age of 6 with an openness to multilingualism. Children will begin to engage. Engage in the school environment in which they evolves: in class and outside of class. The school park is not just a simple playground, it is also a learning ground, where the ecological reality via the educational garden is already an opportunity to prepare for a reality of the world that they must know and love. Children enjoy a structure adapted to their needs, healthy, bright, safe, immersed in nature, well organized. In this context, children begin their school career with learning the fundamentals.

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The Middle school makes it possible to take advantage of the linguistic knowledge acquired over the past years with teaching provided 60% in French and 40% in foreign languages. Science, history, geography, moral and civic education, music and sport are practiced in English from 6e (6th Grade). Now is the time to innovate in our classroom practices. Our students are welcomed in a dynamic and multicultural environment where each member of the school community finds his place and builds bonds for life.

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Choosing the Saint-Dominique Institute for High School years means benefiting from an international network allowing students to give the best of themselves in a course of excellence opening the doors to the best universities, regardless of the country. It is possible to follow several multilingual courses: ESABAC, European Section in English, International Baccalaureate. Openness to the world is reinforced through exchanges, the practice of arts and sports, the daily and lively discovery of world cultures.

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