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📍Parcoursup Month “Complete your dossier”: during March, on the forum AGORA World


For network students wishing to study in France, it’s time to complete their dossier on Parcoursup! They have until Thursday, April 6, to think about their post-diploma orientation project and confirm their wishes.

➡️ That is why, on AGORA Monde, the month of March is dedicated to this crucial phase of the Parcoursup procedure.

4 weeks of self-help for students through exchanges on the platform forum

The students of the last year of the network enrolled in Parcoursup are invited to ask all their questions: . The students of France, former pupils of French high schools in the world, will be mobilized to guide them in their reflection.

“What information should I put in my folder?” “How can I write my motivational letter correctly?” “Why continue these studies? ” “How do you fill in the Preferences and other projects and activities sections?”

All questions former students have answers to. Because, like high school students, they too have gone through these steps and will then share their experience and valuable advice.


Appointment from 1st to 31st March on the AGORA forum to participate in this month Parcoursup!