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St Dominique, Rome French International School offers caring support to protect the physical and psychological health of students and staff with the daily presence of a nurse and a psychologist who work closely with the team to provide personalized follow-up and intervene directly in class by offering sessions on prevention and topics related to health and psychology.

Health center

St Dominique, Rome French International School is a place of reception, listening, support and first aid under the supervision of a school nurse. Nurse at St Dominique means promoting student success by supporting them in a harmonious setting, where they are encouraged to become responsible actors throughout their schooling. It is bound by professional secrecy.




More than ever, the school needs to create new working conditions, to support children and families differently. This is why St Dominique offers you listening and psychological support that allows each of us to ask ourselves, to reflect on our way of life in order to progress and ensure that the future continues to unite us as community.

It is to provide help and support that a wellness area has been created within the school. Complete education, known as “Integral Education”, consists in taking into account all the dimensions that constitute the human being in its global reality, namely: a body that must be learned to respect and to develop an intelligence that we must nurture fundamental principles and organized knowledge, a spirit that must be raised to the summit of being to help the will to make free choices and acquire the moral and spiritual virtues necessary for the development of our humanity.

Consultations possible within the school (by appointment) in the psychological well-being area. A place where well-being and harmony reign. Individual, family or staff sessions:


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