Why the ISD Rome?

Our promise

Recognised for its educational philosophy, the Institut Saint-Dominique is one of the most prestigious French schools in Italy, combining educational excellence and well-being. Choosing the ISD is choosing an international education:

  • French educational excellence with 100% success rate in examinations. The teaching programmes are endorsed by its partnership with the AEFE and the educational concepts promote an outward-looking international perspective;
  • A multilingual programme starting from pre-school, in which lessons are taught in French, English and Italian.
  • A system that is set up around pupils and fosters self-confidence and respect for others. This system is reflected by a cycle-based learning structure, small class sizes, a relationship of trust between teachers and students and arrangements for students with special needs (FLE or ILE language support, standards for persons with reduced mobility);
  • Preparation for the French Baccalauréat (BFI) and International Baccalaureate (IB);
  • A sports academy featuring fencing and pétanque, as well as summer camps open to all ages;
  • A music academy;
  • An international-scale (residential) campus which can accommodate students up to post-baccalaureate level and a peaceful learning environment where pupils can thrive (fostering self-confidence and respect for others);
  • A French-Italian vocational programme.

The ISD has distinguished itself through the internationality of its members (parents, students and staff) since it was established. The values that guide us and support the students entrusted to our care are high standards, kindness and respect for the human person in all its dimensions. They are enabled and embodied every day thanks to the tolerance that prevails among the diverse faces which the school uniform (as an outward sign) brings together in a shared identity.

Why join us?


A multilingual pedagogy of excellence


An exceptional international campus north of Rome


The commitment of an entire community at the service of pupils


Our Boarding School «Villa Saint-Dominique»: a unique experience in the world

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