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Eager to offer our students both quality accommodation and a unique international experience, we have created Villa St. Dominique. Inspired by prestigious Italian villas, blending cultural, artistic, and educational paths, our Boarding School offers a unique boarding experience within the AEFE.

  • An exceptional accommodation
  • An enhanced academic pathway
  • A multicultural human adventure

Boarding school Rome "Villa St Dominique"

An exceptional accommodation

renovated for the comfort, well-being and safety of our students. Built in a former 3* hotel, our rooms are equipped with a bed, a desk, a private bathroom and plenty of storage space. Residents have access to the campus sports fields, the foyer and a fitness room.

An enhanced academic pathway

allows interns to strengthen and enrich their education: mandatory study and tutoring sessions every evening, conferences, university partnerships, language certification, training offered by the Odyssey Academy and access to Odyssup, orientation and personalized coaching program.

A multicultural human adventure

in a campus with 40+ nationalities, in a close-knit and caring group of students of different ages. Social life is supervised and animated by a boarding master and his team, who are committed to the success, fulfillment, and well-being of each intern. Activities are organized every evening and outings on weekends.

Asia's interview, Boarding & IB student

A unique setting, in the heart of a green park, just 30 minutes from the historic center of Rome

A stimulating academic environment where individuality is celebrated and valued

A strong international community of boarders that values collaboration, mutual support, and responsibility

A dedicated on-site team for academic support, development, and the well-being of boarders

Living in Italy and enjoying its history, culture, and magnificent art through our weekly activities

A renovated boarding school with spacious bedrooms and private bathrooms

Cultural, sports and artistic programme

The Boarding School «Villa Saint-Dominique» affirms its desire to provide its students with a high quality education and tools that will allow them to succeed academically while helping them to develop their cultural, athletic and artistic emancipation. Our boarding school project is based on 3 major themes: an academic accompaniment; a cultural, artistic and sports program; the teaching of responsibility and citizenship. In addition to the educational program set up within the school, the boarding school offers cultural outings on weekends, which are part of the educational program provided within the school.

We also offer pre-school sessions at Villa St Dominique

From August, future boarding students can register for a special internship integration session: linguistic, cultural, methodological. This privileged period allows each boarding student, in an individualized way, to appropriate the rhythm of the campus, to reflect on its orientation, its choices of associations, clubs... An essential tool for a successful start to the new school year! After the summer holidays, children and young people are often apprehensive about returning to the classroom benches and need to regain their confidence: on the essential points seen the previous year, on a good understanding of the school challenges of the coming year.

Villa St Dominique

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Admissions are open for the 2024-2025 school year.