Spiritual Life and Pastoral Care

Dominican roots

St Dominique, Rome French International School has been a Catholic school since its foundation in 1961 by the Roman Congregation of Saint Dominic, embodying the values it represents.

St Dominique is a member of the French educational group Odyssey, a network of international schools. Odyssey has commited to preserving St Dominique’s Catholic identity by upholding the Dominican values that have shaped the institution’s educational philosophy since its inception.

Religious education and spiritual life

St Dominique, Rome French International School is a school offering open education to all with respect for the beliefs of others. Founded by the Roman Congregation of St Dominique, its educational programme is marked by human, intellectual and spiritual values characteristic of catholic education and stemming from Dominican charism.

Interpersonal relationships within the school are founded on kindness and fairness, with a focus on fostering a climate of fraternity. This approach to interaction is considered as fundamental as the obligation to study and engage in intellectual pursuits.

Charity projects are encouraged with the aim of allowing all educational community members to get involved, together supporting a programme that helps the most vulnerable groups and contributing to build a world where each person is recognised in their dignity and for their own value. True to the intuition of its founders and responsive to today’s educational challenges, St Dominique is an educational establishment upholding the values that inspired the Dominican Order: Truth, Mercy, Freedom and Joy.

The 5 values of St Dominique, Rome French International School

The concern for intellectual value

and the constant pursuit of truth

Education for the freedom to act and think

by involving students in the life of the institution

Trust by allowing each individual

to flourish with clarity and to take initiatives

Constant concern for welcoming and respecting oneself and others

regardless of our differences

A deepening based on the study of texts

from the Bible, the Christian tradition, or other spiritual wisdom

Our 5 major educational and human missions

Pedagogical commitment to nurture a thirst for learning

and understanding through a taste for work, effort, and reflection

Promotion of a fraternal climate based on mutual respect

within the entire educational community

Deepening the spiritual dimension of humanity

by offering a Christian worldview, while also being open to understanding other major religions

True appropriation of a cultural heritage

through the discovery of the roots and history of Christianity, both past and contemporary

The proposition of a pastoral care

where faith is experienced as rooted in daily life

Catechesis and pastoral activities

For those who wish, the life of the school is punctuated by pastoral activities, the celebration of key moments in Christian life, and liturgical feasts.

Pastoral programme

Pastoral programme

  • Nursery – Awakening to the faith – 45 minutes per week
  • CP/CE1 – Discovering friendship with Jesus – 1 hour per week
  • CE2 – Discovering forgiveness and preparing for the sacrament of reconciliation – 1 hour per week
  • CM1 – Preparing for First Communion – 1 hour per week
  • CM2 – Deepening the faith after 1st communion – 1 hour per week
  • 6ème/5ème – Preparation for Confirmation – 1 hour per week
  • 4ème/3ème – Anchoring the life of faith in daily life – 1 hour per week
  • Lycée – Bi-monthly meetings on themes chosen by the pupils (hope, choice, time management, etc.) to help them build their faith as adults and discern their life choices (university, family, professional, etc.).

Tiziana Caputo is in charge of pastoral care at St Dominique, Rome French International School, and is at your disposal to help with preparation for the Sacraments, Communion and Confirmation: pastorale@stdominiqueschool.it