Secondary school

Towards the Diplôme National du Brevet.

Secondary school

Collège consists of 4 years of consolidation, from 11 to 15 years, or 6ème (Year 7) to 3ème (Year 10), during which pupils start to specifically prepare for national exams. The Institut International Saint-Dominique prepares students for French general education streams.

Collège includes cycle 3 (6ème) and cycle 4:

  • 6ème corresponds to 1° Media
  • 5ème corresponds to 2° Media
  • 4ème corresponds to 3° Media
  • 3ème corresponds to 1° Liceo


From Monday to Friday, students are welcomed from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Extra-curricular activities extend learning at ISD through access to sports, arts and culture. A wide choice of sports, cultural, artistic, educational activities and/or language workshops, all supervised by specialists, are offered throughout the year, starting in kindergarten. These activities allow students to discover and develop their talents and passions while encouraging diversity and excellence.

2 bus lines run through the city of Rome to and from ISD.

Multilingual education

When pupils start 6ème, they can choose one of the following programmes in line with their personal and family aspirations. At the ISD, pupils can follow the PARLE programme (tailored and reinforced programme in foreign languages) developed by the AEFE, which aims to enhance the quality of language instruction for pupils and to strengthen their command of a modern foreign language other than the host country’s language. 1hr50 of History-Geography in English (Non-linguistic subject or NLS) 4 additional hours of ELCE (European Language and Culture Education)

Linguistic knowledge

Collège builds on the linguistic knowledge acquired during the years spent in the consolidation cycle. Mathematics and the sciences are delivered in English starting from 3ème (Year 10), with a bridge to sixth form. Classroom practice is innovated at this time.

Diplôme National du Brevet

At the end of 3ème (Year 10), the Diplôme National du Brevet (DNB) certifies the knowledge and skills acquired at the end of Collège. The common core of knowledge, skills and culture presents what all pupils should know and master at the end of compulsory education. It brings together all the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes required to achieve academic success, succeed as an individual and a future citizen.

Parent - Teacher Meetings

Parents and teachers meet based on 3 distinct and complementary modalities:

  • Back-to-school meetings (September)
  • Class councils (through parent class representatives)
  • One-to-one meetings (upon request)

Collège is also a time for pupils to develop further in their relationship to others and the world: sports events between Odyssey schools and the AEFE network promote easy and long-lasting exchanges between pupils from around the world.

Saint-Dominique Boarding School

The boarding school of the Saint-Dominique Institute in Rome is an IB (International Baccalaureate) World School. Our exceptional campus on 6 hectares in a secure and green setting in the heart of a city steeped in history allows us to accommodate an increasing number of boarding students and to implement advanced teaching and learning methods. Saint-Dominique boarding school offers:

  • A multilingual education
  • A personalized support
  • A cultural, sports and artistic program

Our boarding school is driving the development of a quality educational offer that is also rich in human experiences, acquired through a community life that requires attention and respect in the relationship with others.

  • Double or single rooms
  • 5/7 days possible in boarding school
  • A dozen cultural and sporting activities offered

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