Francophone Week

Friday, March 17

Francophone Week 2023 at ISD opens under the flag of Quebec this year!

The 2nde and 1ère classes discovered a Quebec film by Ken Scott «Au revoir le bonheur» (awarded at the International Comedy Film Festival of the Alpe d’Huez 2002) at the Institut Français Centre Saint Louis in Rome.

After the screening, there was a long moment of discussion and criticism about the film.

At the CDI

At the CDI, boxes of Quebec words to illustrate, karaoke for everyone and literature to discover!

The 6ème B illustrated the Francophone expressions:

Thursday, March 23

Atélier of creation of Quebec stories with Francis Thérien, lecturer of the University of Rome La Sapienza.


Children were given words/expressions that are used in Quebec and they created stories.

Prix Goncourt

Our students participated in the presentation of the Prix Goncourt, Choix de l’Italie 2023 at the French Embassy in Rome.

Nathan Devers, the winner for “Les liens artificiels” was very attentive to the reflections of our students.

This week the students of classes CE1 and CP studied the 10 words proposed by the national operation to raise awareness of the French language “Dis moi dix mots” and that this year deals with the passing time.

They then read and illustrated the fairy tale “The hare and the turtle” in a collective work of art and have personally questioned the moral of the story to understand if they prefer to embody a hare that follows a rapid cadence or a turtle that leaves time to reflect.
This is their work.