Marie-Astrid Roy Milan and Rome are two local editions directed by Marie-Astrid ROY, part of a network present all over the world with over 72 editions in five continents, dedicated to French and Francophone people abroad.

Interview with Marie-Astrid Roy

Interview with Marie-Astrid Roy, director of the publication in Italy (editions of Milan and Rome), of Joseph A. N., a 3ème student, on the occasion of his visit on Tuesday, March 7 to the ISD for media education workshops in the 4ème and 5ème CDI.


1. Do you think you can live off your long-term work as a journalist?

I have been working as a journalist for more than 15 years and I hope for many more years! It is a profession that you can practice as an employee or freelance, as freelancers or correspondents abroad for example, which is certainly not always easy in the latter case, but not quite impossible. As for, which I direct in Italy, it is a free newspaper, which lives on advertising (partnerships, advertisers…). And it works well thanks to a good audience that continues to grow every year.


2. What did you think of ISD after the interview you conducted less than a year ago with Director Bernard Lociciro?

It was a discovery of a Roman and international reality in Rome, with a beautiful settlement project. Each interview leads to a discovery, this is one of the exciting aspects of this craft.


3. Having lived in France and Italy, are you more focaccia or baguette?

Choosing between the two is not easy… ! I find it difficult to do without both, but let’s say that after 15 years in Italy, the crispy baguette remains irreplaceable for me, and perhaps even lighter, especially for an almost daily consumption.

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"Meeting with Bernard Lociciro, new Dean of the Saint-Dominique International Institute in Rome (ISD). With a legacy stemming from 61 years of history, a new page opens for the ISD." [...]