Olympic and Paralympic Week

About the SOP

Each year, the Olympic and Paralympic Week (SOP in French) promotes sport practice among young people and mobilizes the educational community around civic and sporting values inscribed in the DNA of Olympism and Paralympism.

The Olympic and Paralympic Week is a key moment to awaken students to the benefits of regular sports. It also aims to mobilize parents on this challenge.

More specifically, this week allows teachers to:

  • use sport as an educational tool in teaching (for example, sport and mathematics);
  • raise awareness of the values of Olympism by mobilizing the educational and recreational tools made available;
  • introduce pupils to the Olympic and Paralympic disciplines, in collaboration with the sports movement, organization of sports practice workshops;
  • change the point of view of young people on disability based on the discovery of para sports and integrating shared sports meetings;
  • awaken young people to the commitment of volunteering.

At the ISD

On the occasion of the Olympic and Paralympic Week, the students of Cycle 3 (CM1, CM2 and 6ème) participated in several sports: a relay race, the launch of the vortex, the long jump and the launch of the Kin-ball.

75 students were divided into 8 teams, each representing one country.

Fighting spirit and good humor accompanied us throughout the day!😄