Week ADN Carbone 0


ADN Carbone 0 is a sustainable development project proposed by AEFE to which the ISD has been collaborating for 2 years through annual and timely educational projects.

In the week 15 to 21 May 2023, the Institut Saint-Dominique focused on BIODIVERSITY.

The entire team is engaged in classes (from kindergarten to the final year) and outside classes for an awareness-raising based on educational activities.

The sphere

The first project was to decorate the outside sphere with flowers and creations made from recycled materials.

Kindergarten and Elementary

In kindergarten and elementary classes:

  • separate collection;
  • creation of insects;
  • making outdoor and indoor games using recycled materials.

The students of CE1 saw a short film “Sweet Cocoon” which served as a basis for discussion in the classroom about the animal life cycle, nature conservation and insects present in their environment. The arguments have led to magnificent artistic results.

Middle and high school

The middle and high school classes were involved in pedagogical activities on topics related to biodiversity (dictates, mini-debates, geometric constructions…)

Day 1 - WWF

Conference on “biodiversity in Rome and the ISD, part of the Insugherata nature reserve” held by the president of the WWF of Rome, Raniero MAGGINI.

Day 2 - Bees

Conference on “bees and their life power” presented by Rita Franceschini, beekeeper specialist in Italy.

Day 3 - Sport and climate change

Conference on “sport and climate change” held by Mr Giancarlo SIMEOLI, Olympic champion for sailing and solo navigator.

Day 4 - Sustainable diet

Conference on the “impacts of nutrition on the planet” presented by Livia MORINI, dietician and nutrition specialist, and Anne Lambersend, nurse.

Day 5 - Digital pollution

Conference on “digital pollution and dependence on screens” held by psychologist Isabella FIUME.

A meeting was also proposed to the parents concerned.

And finally...

A collection of donations is underway for families wishing to engage in the Carbone 0 project. The donations collected will be used for a program of replanting of trees and the creation of a medieval pedagogical garden. This “garden of the simple“, composed essentially of aromatic plants or other essential to biodiversity and very useful for pharmaceutical research, will aim to enrich the ecosystem of the Institute of which a part of the park is part of the Insugherata nature reserve and to sensitize the students through multiple pedagogical activities.

Thank you all and everyone!