Que le spectacle finisse

Bas les masques

“Theatre is a game that allows you not to take yourself seriously, while changing your life.”
(Wajdi Mouawad)


The opera Que le spectacle finisle, loosely inspired by Ionesco’s comedy “The King Dies“, stages the decay of a king, sick and elderly, who refuses to accept his imminent death despite the evidence of the facts. The king has lost all power over beings and things…

The opera questions the traditional rules of the theatre, the actors of the company Bas les masques, mixing comedy and tragedy to create an unusual atmosphere. Numerous interludes, inspired by other authors or written by the crew themselves, rhythm the piece and give it a richer and more varied dimension.

Let the show end by trying to show, through the absurd, that love and truth must triumph in front of a world that is sometimes strange, cruel and inconsistent.