High school students were able to discuss 4 topics in group:

  1. How and when can we, as students, use AI to improve learning and productivity?
  2. Does artificial intelligence pose a threat to humanity, and if so, how can we mitigate these risks?
  3. Will smart robots eventually replace humans in the labour market, and what can be done about it?
  4. What impact will artificial intelligence have on privacy rights, and what safeguards should be put in place to protect them?

The educational objectives:

Students had the unique opportunity to develop their critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills in English.

By engaging students in deep discussions on complex AI issues, we aim to stimulate their intellectual curiosity and strengthen their understanding of contemporary societal issues. In addition, this event provides an excellent opportunity to promote academic honesty by encouraging students to explore and debate AI issues ethically and rigorously.


Recently, during an impromptu meeting at St. Dominique French International School, Dr. Olivier Guillet, Odyssey Chief Academic Officer, had an engaging conversation about the challenges of AI in education with Nadine Hakme, one of our mathematics teachers and IB coordinator. From this spontaneous discussion, Nadine invited Olivier to present his ideas to the students.
Today, they were able to debate with him about the possible short-term consequences of AI, and notably, they engaged in an exercise comparing human intelligence with what is termed artificial intelligence. The issue of authenticity as a possible residual space for human thought and Bergson’s concept of time were at the heart of the discussions. It was the same dimension of time in which Olivier and Nadine initially sketched out their ideas over coffee, a privilege that may still belong to humans for a long time to come.