Why are Sciences essential to St Dominique Rome?

Science plays a crucial role in the formation of curious and innovative minds. At ST DOMINIQUE, ROME FRENCH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, we put a special emphasis on scientific education to prepare our students for the challenges of tomorrow.

Science develops critical thinking, problem solving and intellectual curiosity. They allow students to understand the world around them and actively participate in its evolution.

An Innovative Pedagogical Approach

At St Dominique Rome, our scientific program is designed to stimulate the interest of students from an early age. We use interactive, multilingual methods and practical projects to make science learning engaging and relevant.

The benefits for the students

Development of analytical skills

Science helps students analyze data and draw evidence-based conclusions.

Critical thinking

Learning science encourages students to question information and think critically.

Curiosity and innovation

Students are encouraged to ask questions and innovate, essential qualities in an ever-changing world.


Discover our interactive and multilingual methods; our practical projects

Teaching science in St Dominique, Rome French International School is not only a matter of transmitting knowledge, but also of preparing the citizens of tomorrow to be critical thinkers and innovators. Investing in science education is investing in the future.