Congratulations to our "Terminale" students: 100% success in the French Baccalaureate

We are proud of our students who have brilliantly completed their schooling with an exceptional success rate of 100% in the French Baccalaureate. Even more importantly, 70% of our students received a commendation (including one student who received the jury’s congratulations with an average of 18.01) highlighting their commitment and academic excellence throughout the year.

A successful year

The school year has been challenging, but our students have shown remarkable resilience and determination. Through regular work, unwavering determination and the unwavering support of their teachers and families, they have achieved their goals with success.

Deserved celebration at the Vin d'Honneur

To mark this success, the Director of St Dominique Rome had the pleasure of inviting our students to a reception. This event was a great opportunity to celebrate their success, congratulate them for their efforts and wish them good luck for their future projects.

Choose our school for academic excellence

Our Baccalaureate results reflect the quality of the teaching provided at St Dominique Rome. Our institution is committed to providing a stimulating and caring learning environment where each student can thrive and reach their full potential.

Read the article “Un brillant 100% de réussite à l’Institut International Saint-Dominique” of, Rome edition, to have the results of French high schools abroad in Rome and more generally in Italy.

Congratulations to our "Terminale" students

Congratulations to the teaching team

Join us for an excellent academic path

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