La Petite École is a bilingual nursery school in French and English, located in Sathorn, in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, since 2017. It received approval from the French Ministry of Education in 2019, guaranteeing the quality of the education provided, and is a partner of the AEFE (the Agency for French Education Abroad). This year, La Petite École Bangkok has over sixty students.

At La Petite École, the French National Education programme is taught in French and English by two native teachers, for children from the Very Small Section (2.5 years of age), up to the Big Section (6 years of age). In order to ensure high quality education, the teaching team benefits from training throughout the year, internally, as well as through their partnership with the AEFE.

The school welcomes families from all walks of life. It is open to its host country, its language, and its culture.

And it is within this caring family structure, that children play, build, learn, and evaluate themselves. An innovative and unique system, built around permanent workshops, to which class groups have free access, places children at the heart of learning, while arousing their curiosity. This educational approach is inspired by the Reggio Emilia method and the approach of Céline Alvarez.

The exceptional environment of the school, with its large natural garden, its trees, and its well-lit rooms, forms an integral part of its teaching. Its mix of ages promotes autonomy and mutual assistance, while allowing children to become responsible.

La Petite École, a human-scale, benevolent and joyful school!


1 large wooded garden with a sensory pathway, including a motor skills route

1 basketball court and 1 musical garden

1 botanical garden

1 terraced library

1 swimming pool

1 outdoor kitchen