The Future of Brain Health

What is Brain Week?

Brain Awareness Week was founded in 1996 by the organizations Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives and European Dana Alliance for the Brain to support and promote scientific research on the brain. Each year in March, events and activities are organized around the world to share the wonders and mysteries of the brain with a less informed public. An invitation to become aware of the impact that scientific research in the neurological and psychiatric fields has on society and on our daily lives.


On the occasion of the week dedicated to the knowledge of the brain and how science engages in the search for new treatments, the Health Center offers you a program of monthly meetings on the theme of mental health. The first meeting will be a conference in English offered to “2nde” and “terminale” students presented by Gabriella Panuccio, MD, PhD, on Wednesday March 16th from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. (online retransmitted at ISD in the Saint-Dominique classroom): Brain Awareness Week.
Brain Awareness Week is a worldwide event that repeats every year, promoted by the Dana Foundation (USA). The HERMES research project funded by the EU-FET program (Future and Emerging Technologies) is interested in finding new approaches for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, in particular epilepsy, and in partnership with Eurokleis on the health of the brain.