Printemps des poètes

The Printemps des poètes covers all pupils, from kindergarten to high school.

It is an event that aims to sensitize students to poetry, to encourage the reading of poetry as a cultural practice and to arouse meetings between contemporary poets and students.

Throughout the year, numerous activities are proposed to teachers and their pupils: correspondence and meetings with poets, exhibitions, writing workshops, “poetic intervention brigades”, participation in prizes and competitions, etc.

These educational measures strengthen the link between pupils and the French language and help to combat illiteracy.

Rémi Coste

For about fifteen days, the CM2 of the Institut Saint-Dominique in Rome participated in the Printemps des poètes 2023, on the theme of borders.

On Monday 20 March and Tuesday 21 March, children met a French poet from Stockholm, Sweden, Rémi Coste, who taught them how to write and put poetry into words.

Bastien Pouillès

On Friday, March 24, the students experienced a moment of sound poetry during which a musician, Bastien Pouillès, accompanied the children’s poems with the accordion.

There were also “Poetic Intervention Brigades”!
That is, some students entered other classes and recited their poems. The class that received them asked questions about the idea behind the poems, the reason for the title and various information about the writing of the poems.

In parallel with these workshops, several activities related to poetry and the theme of this year were conducted in French: visual arts, moral and civic education, etc.

Dis-moi dix mots à tous les temps !

«Dis-moi dix mots» is a literary creation competition (open to elementary, middle and high school classes) organized by the Ministry of Education. 

The contest «Dis-moi dix mots» invites everyone to play and express themselves in a literary and/or artistic form, around ten words chosen by the Francophone partners of the OPALE network (Francophone network of organizations of politics and linguistic organization). This network consists of the language management bodies of the French-speaking countries and regions representing the Walloon-Brussels Federation, France, Quebec, French-speaking Switzerland and the International Organization of Francophonie (comprising 88 States and Governments).

The challenge is to illustrate, starting from a list of ten words gathered from a theme of each edition, the richness of the French language, its ability to evolve and designate all contemporary realities. This operation allows to create a social bond on a territory involving in pedagogical, artistic and/or playful projects very different populations and sometimes far from cultural practices.

The 2022-2023 edition of the competition has the theme “Dis-moi dix mots à tous les temps“. The ten words selected are:

  • light-year
  • déjà vu
  • laze
  • ticking
  • synchronous
  • past
  • lickety-split
  • give rhythm to
  • dawn
  • wintering

To the CDI

Seconde students participated in the competition through the creation of tweets (click on the photo and scroll):

To the BCD

And in their own way even the youngest participated, illustrating and writing 10 words representing them:

There is a poet among our students!

The poem of one of our CM2 students has been selected, among the thousands sent, as part of the Visa Poème project of the Printemps des poètes.  Congratulations to Giacomo!

This Printemps des poètes was full of sharing; children discovered the universe of poetry in another way; such a beautiful event!