International Days of the Odyssey Group

Odyssey International Days

The Institut Saint-Dominique in Rome participates in the International Days of the Odyssey group from 15 to 20 May 2023.

The structures belonging to the Odyssey group regularly meet around federative actions including the «Odyssey International Days» which aim to celebrate and highlight the dynamism of our community. The goal is to make our schools shine by organizing meaningful and playful pedagogical actions that put students in a position of actors and engaged members of the educational community.

The second edition of the International Odyssey Days took place from 15 to 20 May 2023, parallel to the Week of Languages.
This is why the ISD in Rome has focused on «the International» to illustrate the linguistic and cultural diversity that is the basis of our Institute and to demonstrate our openness to the world.


Artistic activities throughout the week on the topic of the mother tongues of the pupils in the class. The kindergarten children participated in a short video together with the children of CE1, in which they expressed themselves in foreign languages.


All week, artistic activities, multilingual reading, creation of collections of recipes, creation of a trilingual Abecedar.

Working with comics for reading, the CE1s wrote the words Hello and Hello in different languages, while the CE2s wrote the words related to the readings.
The poster is in BCD.

CE1, CE2 and CM1 students, speaking their mother tongue or a language spoken in the family, tell us their favorite stories and stories.

The students of CM1 illustrated the recipes of the traditional dishes of their countries.

To end the week, on 19/05:

– international snack with parents;

– a day in traditional clothing or in the colours of one’s own country;

– exhibition of students’ creations.

Middle school & high school

The 6èmes met the author of the novel Strom adapted, recently, to comics.

Benoît de Saint Chamas, knight of the arts and letters, adviser of the Louvre Museum, answered all their questions. It is in these prestigious underground that he set his adventures of “rêvalité” inspired by the confraternities of the Middle Ages. An exciting encounter that makes you want to read even more.

Mertxe Alzaga, Spanish actress, taught our 4ème, 2nde and IB students how to act. The same classes then staged multilingual performances.

The language festival is part of the AEFE’s “Mai des langues” (

The contest of images (beyond the clichés on multilingualism) has been proposed to everyone under this directive: “A drawing, video, free photo of law, comics, posters that make your multilingualism speak“.

Visit of the Germanists (from the 4ème to the Terminal) to the House of Goethe.

Long live the multilingualism!