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ARTICLE BY, published April 11, 2024 :

High school students, study and live in our boarding school at St Dominique Rome, French International School.

“As someone who wants to give an international dimension to my studies, can I choose to study abroad right from high school?” Yes, but… how do you go about it? Where to stay? What’s a typical day like in a boarding school abroad? Is it possible to study for an International Baccalaureate? What about extra-curricular life and language learning, essential for the future?

At a time when parents and young people are thinking ahead to the start of the 2024 school year, the St Dominique French International School in Rome speaks out on With Doctor Olivier Guillet, Academic Director of Odyssey Education, Bernard Lociciro, Head of School, Nadine Hakme, IBDP Coordinator/Math Instructor, and Fabien Fraticelli, Head of the Boarding School, we take a look back at…

  • The advantages of an education abroad in junior high or high school
  • The history and values of the St Dominique French International School in Rome
  • The possibility of choosing between a French or International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • A typical day at St Dominique French International School in Rome
  • Extracurricular life at a Boarding School
  • The advantages of a unique alternative for a post-baccalaureate springboard year: “The Prep, Foundation Year”.
  • The multicultural and multilingual dimension offered in Rome


To offer our students, from secondary school onwards, both a quality accommodation solution and a unique international experience in the heart of a city rich in history and with a unique heritage, we have created the Villa St Dominique. In the image of the prestigious Italian Villa, combining cultural, artistic and educational activities, our Boarding School offers a real boarding experience.

  • Exceptional accommodation
  • A reinforced academic program
  • A multicultural human adventure